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Texas’ Massive Grid Failure Happened Because their Lawmakers and Grid Operator Does Not Care About Texans

The record low temperatures experienced in February resulted in a massive increase in demand from the millions of Texans desperate to stay warm. Blackouts across Texas have been life-threatening for the nearly 4.5 million customers who were without electricity and were to blame for at least 24 deaths. Hundreds were taken to hospitals with carbon monoxide poisoning, and most of the cases were caused by people simply trying to meet basic human needs.

What to Consider While Creating a Budget for your Annual Electricity Expenses

Electricity can be a large and recurring expense for many companies. Therefore, it is essential for business owners to budget their monthly electric bills as accurately as possible since costs can represent a significant portion of a business’s operating expenses. As with all major expenses, a budget should be developed to improve efficiency and help forecast and manage expenditures.

Why Natural Gas Is So Important

Natural gas has played a crucial role in the development of our country and has become an increasingly larger source of electric generation in the United States in recent years.

The Advantages of Working With an Energy Broker

Electricity and natural gas supply is a complicated world that can be hard to navigate. It can become more expensive if purchasing mistakes are made. For these reasons, many companies have left the short-sighted one-size-fits-all strategy offered by the utilities, and have instead switched to a customer-centric tailored strategy that fits their individual needs.