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The Vision – Creating an Innovative Experience

Two years ago, Steve Campbell joined Patriot Energy as CFO. Although his experience working in energy was limited, many of his prior roles provided him with the opportunity to gain invaluable experience sitting across the negotiating table of an energy broker.

As a decision maker, he had listened to countless pitches given by sales consultants from other brokerage firms, which not only taught him the value of an energy broker and what they bring to the table, it also allowed him to gain invaluable insight into what tools we need to be on top of our business.

The Vision

Real data has always been something that has interested Steve, and he has come to rely on it to make informed business decisions. During the first client appointment at Patriot, he was able to relate to the client’s needs, which at the time were for improved technology and a better view of the data.

In this meeting, he joined a sales rep and one of our long-standing clients who has been very happy with our service and savings throughout the years. At one point in the meeting, Steve asked them what else Patriot could do to assist them, and the client told him that they have been gathering bills from their accounting departments and consolidating them into spreadsheets, so the decision-maker could understand usage trends in order to gain insight into any anomalies then take a deeper look, which could potentially result in additional savings after the issue is corrected.

Unfortunately, we could not provide this to our clients at the time, but Steve shared the story with others at Patriot. He received a lot of feedback from our sales reps, who informed him that many of our competitors were offering this feature to clients as a value add and that we have lost some of our large accounts to other brokers who offered clients the technology to view their portfolio’s usage. A one-stop dashboard with a view into their usage by location, by contract.

Under Richard Rast’s guidance, Patriot, EMEX, and BLUEFIN have spent more than a year and a half researching several companies that could help us provide our clients the ability to view their portfolio data. We currently have several beta accounts in the process of testing this technology, for a new product we plan to launch, called Review.

Aview is a new platform we are now offering, which allows clients to easily manage their energy portfolio all in one place. It provides an automated, intelligent, transparent, seamless, and overall better experience. With this product, clients have been given the ability to view factual data to help make purchasing decisions. So far, we have received a lot of very positive feedback and are very excited to make Aview available to our clients.

The following story highlights exactly what Steve had envisioned for Patriot and our Clients and the valuable data we should be providing our clients, to give them the ability to make better, more informed decision-making that is based on actionable data.

The Execution, Implementing an Innovative Experience

Patriot Energy selected one of our most loyal clients to take part in the beta testing for the new technology we sought to effectuate. With over 170 locations, it was the first company Steve had in mind as he began researching and planning the implementation. We are pleased to have finally made it possible for their company to view all their account information in one place.

A senior consultant worked closely with our client to make this vision possible and will continue to do so by creating the best user experience with customization to their account within the portal.

Both Patriot Energy and our client had a very positive experience throughout the entire process. We were provided with very informative feedback on their experience, which we plan to keep in mind when making future improvements within our product portfolio and the technology we utilize.

The Feedback

This technology has helped make the budgeting process quicker and more efficient

It offers trending analysis for all locations and regional locations, which helps highlight areas that need improvement and the location that is functioning at or below a baseline

It allows us to highlight our entire portfolios energy mix/profile

The projections are great for forecasting energy expenses

The expiration on all of our contracts are highlighted and easy to review

The Result

Through the BETA test, our consultant was able to easily identify anomalies in the client’s usage trends for each location. With that information, they have begun working on 12 energy-efficiency projects.

Our vendor has been scheduled to visit their locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. We look forward to receiving the project proposal, which outlines the scope of the project as well as financial estimates once the project expediter audits all locations.

Patriot Energy is dedicated to meeting our clients’ energy goals and provides the extensive experience and advanced knowledge that is necessary for navigating the energy market, to successfully secure the best long-term energy strategy for each individual facility and business we manage


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